Posted by: marykfurness | November 26, 2010

A Learning Curve

It’s about time I had a website, and my darling friend and cohort in the freelance world, Dianna O’, kicked me into gear with this marvelous site!  So congrats to her, and here it is!  I’ll add to it in the coming weeks and months as I blog about food, fun and the freelance world, and any other random thoughts that come my way.

I hope to hear comments from friends near and far, and figure out how to link this thing up to my FB page–tech geek I am not!!  So big props to Dianna, who certainly is more so than I am!  And to Jesse the Waiter at Broadway Brewery, for his patience as we took up two separate tables while doing this….



  1. Congratulations, my good friend! I hope you love your wordpress blog as much as I love all of mine!,, and

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