Posted by: marykfurness | December 1, 2010

Happiness and Cheer? World AIDS Day

I have what some would consider a regrettable habit of thinking of  life concepts in terms of song lyrics.  Yes, it’s odd, but if you know me at all well, you’ll recall I began my years singing and dancing and doing a lot of theater.  In fact, that’s what brought me out here to Missouri, although I changed my major from Theater to Communications–thank you, Stephens College, class of ’82!  So a bit of lyric from “A Charlie Brown Christmas” seems appropo at this time.

Earlier today, I wasn’t feeling particularly happy or cheery; it is, after all, World AIDS Day, and I know people who have been affected by this devastating virus.  As a journalist, I have also interviewed members of groups that are working in communities to help those with HIV/AIDS, and I know they do the best they can with what they have, but they always need more help.

To lift myself out of my rut and gain some perspective, I left the 4 walls of my (quite) humble abode, and discovered something; World AIDS Day flags flying in our downtown area, betwixt and beside the Christmas decs!  And it struck me that besides being a day to remember those who are suffering and those who have died, today is also a day to remember that there is medical progress being made in allowing those who have HIV/AIDS to live long, happy, cheerful lives.

So on this first day of December, whatever winter holiday you celebrate, may you celebrate in a happy, healthy, cheerful way.


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