Posted by: marykfurness | December 28, 2010

On the Third Day of Christmas…..

Yes, it is the third day of Christmas.  In the song, the holiday begins with Christmas Day, and goes until January 6th–Epiphany.  And because I truly believe in extending all celebrations whenever possible (birthdays, 4th of July, Mother’s Day, etc.), I fully intend to celebrate any and all aspects of the 12 days in whatever way I can!

Of course, much of the celebration involves food–Christmas Day at my husband’s sister’s was shrimp, and not getting enough, last night was a marvelous shrimp lasagna roll-up, found in a Giada de Laurentis cookbook.  This was shrimp and ricotta and various herbs mixed together and rolled up in lasagna noodles, with a red sauce poured over them, mozzarella cheese sprinkled over, then baked. Magnificent! John made that–it’s my turn to cook tonight, but how I’m going to top that, I don’t know.

However, I did not intend to celebrate with a bill of over a thousand dollars for repairs to my car!  That is NOT a gift I wanted, but my 10-year-old Subaru Forester must be kept running, so in she went this morning for, shall we say, surgery?  And it is cheaper than purchasing a new vehicle….

But it did give me the excuse to while away some time at my favorite coffee shop (Columbia’s own Coffee Zone, home of Rocket Fuel!) enjoying some writing and people watching.  My son rode his bike down to deliver the computer power cord I left at home, and I treated him to coffee and a scone, and it gave us both some time to chat.  Yes, it is possible to have a reasonably in-depth talk at times with a 13-year-old….especially when the parent is buying the food and drink, and the chat takes place outside the 4 walls of the house! 

The weather here is warming up and our snow is quickly melting–for all my East Coast friends and family, stuck in nasty cold temperatures and digging out from under the recent blizzard, I will do my best to send this warmth your way!

Happy continuing 12 days of Christmas, and a glorious New Year!


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