Posted by: marykfurness | July 27, 2011

She’s Baaaack…..

I’m back.  Upright, and writing, and everything. 

 After a long winter comprised of a blizzard, our son’s broken collarbone and subsequent surgery, a 3 month freelance contract (which paid for everything the insurance didn’t!), various snowstorms, a spring break visit to Baltimore, and now a summer of hangin’ with the boy and keeping the “I’m b-o-o-rrred’s” at bay during a horrific heatwave, I’m finally back to some –reasonably–serious writing.

What to write about?  Travel?  Already got a couple of those in the works.  Food? Possibly–it’s one of my favorite topics, and I could discourse on it for hours! 

But what prompted me to find my long-misplaced password for this blog and get back in gear was a discussion with the aforementioned son (13-and-a-half, for those of you keeping count).  He was watching TV and came across a reference on a show that he thought might be considered racist.* He came over to me and asked about it, and we fell into a marvelous discussion of racism…how it’s defined by the dictionary, what it means in society, incidents he’s seen and heard in school, how it differs now and from when I was his age.  Truly a stellar moment!  Then he wandered off to do his teen-age thing……

For those of you who don’t have kids–or teen-age kids–times like that are a gift, I assure you!  Now, if he’d just clean his room…..


*”Necessary Roughness”–a black football player tells the white son of the main character, “…you’re gonna be grounded ’til there’s a white president!”


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