Posted by: marykfurness | August 2, 2011

Fun (?) In the Summer time….

We aren’t taking a major vacation this summer.  (Insert BIG sad face here)  So… sorry I won’t see my friends out West, back East, down South, in New England, or overseas….it just ain’t a happenin’ thing! 

My husband’s job with the state park system precludes that–it’s the 150th anniversary of the Civil War, and a number of battles and skirmishes were fought in this state 150 years ago, so he’s been busy with the parks and historic sites that have commemorative events.  He and our son attended the commemoration of the Battle of Boonville back in June; his band (old-time music) played at a commemoration in northeast Missouri; and if all goes as planned, in a week or so, he will attend the Battle of Wilson’s Creek re-enactment in the southwest part of the state. Plus, there’s the appearance they put in at the state fair….

Gas prices have entered into this as well, as has our son’s schedule– summer band right after school got out; a church youth retreat; horseback riding camp. He, at the age of nearly 14, has managed to be busy, without being overwhelmed.

But, in these last weeks of the vacation, what does a teenager do when the temperatures are in the upper 90’s, and the heat index is way over 100? I am proud of him for finding things to do–movies with friends, swimming at a local pool, riding his bike in the earlier hours of the day (thank heavens for a reasonably bike-friendly town), and this morning’s event.

Z biked over to our University’s Museum of Anthropology yesterday, and discovered that today (Tuesday) there would be a demonstration of the “atlatl” (AT-lat-el)–a primitive spear thrower that is enjoying a resurgence as a modern hunting weapon.  As luck–and coincidence–would have it, he is rather familiar with that item, having learned to throw it at several historic events we’ve attended through my husband’s job.  Despite the heat and humidity, and against a backdrop of the stately University business and law schools, he and a number of other guys gathered to prove their prowess with a weapon known thousands upon thousands of years ago.  I only wish I had  a picture to put with this…….

Despite the well-known difficulties of raising a teen in today’s world (yes, I know my parents wailed and gnashed their teeth over raising us), I think he’s going to be all right; any teen who can find a way to amuse himself constructively can’t be all bad, right?



  1. Hey Mary!
    Awesome job!!!!
    Love it all- whew! Makes me want to have a reunion with you and Jeannie Citerman, and all the rest….

    We sure had a good time at Stephens, didn’t we???
    Have a great day…
    Sipping coffee, thinking of YOU!!!!

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