Posted by: marykfurness | December 25, 2011

Coping, Christmas, and Costa Rica

It’s the night of December the 25th, and in a few very, very short hours, I will bid my family adieu, lock the door behind me, and gather with about 2 dozen other vagabonds (OK, collegiate-type vagabonds) to begin a journey to warmer climes. 

The journey has been long in coming–a bit over a year.  I have had to figure out schedules, as this occurs over our son’s Christmas break, so my husband has had to make sure he can take off work for the 9 days I’m gone.  We’ve had to factor in the financial side of things; done, done, and DONE!  There have been a huge series of concerts and special events in the months, weeks, and days leading up to Christmas this year, and with today’s Christmas morning church service, that is done. Presents were bought, wrapped, and unwrapped; stockings were hung, filled, and emptied; two small but oh-so-delicious holiday meals have been consumed, amidst candlelight and good cheer.  And phone calls with Christmas love and bon voyage wishes have come from far and near.

But I have been sick for 2 weeks.  So has most of the nation, with that nasty “creeping crud” upper respiratory thing….I will fly with a milder version of it, reeking of cough drops, and hoping for the healing that warmth and humidity can bring.

So I’m nearly off…on a study adventure, the kind of opportunity that comes calling, or knocking, or drops into your lap in the fall like an over-ripe apple when a friend says “so, who wants to go to Costa Rica?”  And you say yes, and you pack that bag; because long ago you learned that if you hang up, or shut the door, or toss that “apple” away–well, it’s not likely to come back.

Hello, Costa Rica?  Rain forest? Warm temperatures? Can you hear me now?




  1. Very jealous of your adventure! Can’t wait for the updates!

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