Posted by: marykfurness | December 30, 2011

Three Peccaries, Two Green Macaws, and a Toucan. And More.

Yesterday and today we have spent either driving to or in Monteverde, on the Pacific side of Costa Rica’s Continental Divide–in certain parts of this area, if you arehigh enough, you can see the Pacific Ocean. The wind seems to blow constantly, and the climate is very different from the Atlantic side.

We have kept up such a hectic pace that I must backtrack a bit, so as to explain the title of today’s entry, which actually occurred a day or two ago.  We visited the La Selva Biological Research Station near the Arenal Volcano, a biological reserve and research station.  We walked well-marked trails with an excellent guide, and peccaries (a species of wild pig) wandered past us as though we were bits of rather unappetizing vegetation. Toward the end of our walk, a commotion high in a tree at a distance caught our attention, and our guide–Jaime–looked through his binoculars and announced a rare sight–two endangered green macaws copulating in said tree!  By the time I got my camera focused up there, I only got a shot at one of them (I think). As we were returning to meet the other groups and board the bus, our attention was diverted again–toucans!  Just like Toucan Sam on the Fruit Loops box! Preening and bobbing, turning their heads this way and that to make sure we knew exactly what manner of superior bird they were.


I have seen shimmering waterfalls, tasted coffee with a complexity like wine, soaked for an hour in the hottest of hot springs, and watched howler monkeys! And taken exhausting hikes that made me push myself past all limits.  The pace of the trip is excruciating, but the discoveries around each hairpin turn in the very bumpy Costa Rican roads are worth every minute!


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