Posted by: marykfurness | January 1, 2012

…And a Tropical New Year!

I’ve spent New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day in various places; newly moved into an apartment for example, with boxes all around me, waiting for midnight to strike before crawling into bed exhausted.  I’ve worked the holiday in various jobs, and spent it at many celebrations with friends and family.  But nothing prepared me for this.

Streets full of people.  The low growl of the ocean, mere steps from our hotel. Bonfires on the beach. Drum bands, sounding disturbingly like the MU drumline, playing calypso rhythms as people swayed and danced. All this action punctated by the regular boom of people setting off fireworks. 

Then at midnight, as I sat on the beach with two friends, we watched fireworks directly overhead…then more to our right.  And then again, more and more down the beach to the left….and then again to the right. And again overhead, as though they would rain colored fire down upon us. It went on and on, until a ground firework went slightly awry and sprayed sparks far too close for comfort!  We decided that was enough fun for one night.  As I went up to the 4th floor room I shared with a number of young women from the tour, another drum line started up at a bar behind the hotel–this one as though M-U had come back for round 2 and brought a brass section along!  And was playing inside our room! Details are hazy after that, but the last time I recall looking at a clock was around 3 a.m………..


A glorious day on the beach today, in perfect aquamarine water, on a quiet beach that required a 15 minute walk to find.  Manuel Antonio National Park is one of the jewels in Costa Rica’s crown of parks, and I had the treat of falling into a lengthy discussion with two of the rangers about the difficulties they face in a park of that size. More on that another time.  But a day of relaxation and rejuvenation for this woman who loves salt water so much; my only disappointment was the lack of waves for body-surfing, but that was a small price to pay.

I write this by the pool at our hotel, across from the beach where I can hear the breakers.  Tomorrow is our last full day in this diverse country– we will visit a town known for its handicrafts, and tour a coffee plantation.  I will write much more and flesh out this very bare-bones blog when I return to the States.


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