Posted by: marykfurness | July 22, 2012

Recharging, rejuvenating, and rejoicing

Planning a road trip vacation involves a lot of stress…locating hotel rooms, making sure the house and pets are cared for, getting the vehicle in road-worthy shape, and tying all the other loose ends into a nice, neat package.  Then there are the endless miles cooped up in a vehicle with the family members, which makes you want to leave them at the next truck stop…..  

But arriving here at my brother’s, and spending time with him, my sister-in-law, and their boys has been a revelation.  As I have listened to everyone interacting– playing music, exchanging philosophical thoughts, laughing and joking, working puzzles together, I have realized that–despite long-held differences of political opinion–we can have exciting, positive discourse.  And it  has been joyful.  I am sitting upstairs writing, while downstairs everyone else is gathered around the drumset as my husband gives an impromptu drum lesson.  I listen and smile–this is as family should be, and the thousand miles it took to get here was worth it.

Part of my goal here has been a reunion of sorts–Friday was spent with a friend from my school days, and I spent this morning over coffee with 4 other women from those long-ago days; surprisingly, there was no awkwardness, no nervousness– only laughter, stories, and the easy conversation that comes from shared experiences then and now. 

And there’s more!  We leave for points south tomorrow, for yet more adventures, to see more friends, to discover new places.  I’m kinda liking this….I’m rejoicing, recharging, and rejuvenating…and I’m enjoying my family again.


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