Posted by: marykfurness | July 30, 2012

Soaked, steeped, shaken, and stirred

Vacations are interesting things.  Some are stressful–you spend all your time moving yourself and/or others here, there, and everywhere, and never stop to enjoy the moment. Or they’re stressful because of the people you’re with, or those you must see–i.e., “duty visits” to relatives. Some are too short…some are too long.  Some are too confined–one’s entire family in a small hotel room with far too much luggage, and everyone bound and determined to do the same thing. At the same time.

This was not….repeat NOT…that kind of vacation.  First a visit in DC with my brother and his wife and boys, where we swam in his pool, soaked in his hot tub, ate good food, drank good wine, worked jigsaw puzzles, played music, discussed music, listened to music, and went to a Quidditch match (yes, you read that right, and it was a blast!).  John, Zach and I spent an afternoon at memorials downtown as well.  Then there was the renewing of near and dear friendships from my elementary, junior and senior high school days–Sally, Mandy, Linda, Kathy, Rebecca; what joy to spend hours together, knowing our friendships will always be there.

On to Williamsburg/Jamestown/Yorktown for yet more steeping in history…the College of William and Mary, where we were shown the special nooks and crannies by my dear friend Leslie and her family; only an alum would know these things. Colonial Williamsburg; Jamestown Settlement; Yorktown….beautiful, especially with the reproductions of the ships that sailed over with the first settlers.  And all the shops and restaurants that make W’burg special–Aroma’s Coffee; The Cheese Shop (bread ends and extra house dressing, please!); and Mermaid Books!

And what has shaken and stirred me?  The sea….it always does.  Our 4 days at Virginia Beach, with the ability to see and hear the ocean every time I turn my head (our room faces the ocean) never fails to stir my heart and shake my soul to its foundations.  Having spent so much time by the sea as a child, I truly feel like I am returning home.  This has been a bit different, as fighter jets from a nearby naval air station roar overhead at odd intervals–also accounting for a bit of shaking up!

Tomorrow, we head back to Missouri–no more the smell of Coppertone; no more soaking myself in the salty, briny, bouyant ocean; no more watching my nearly-grown son diving through the waves, coming up and flinging back his long, sun-bleached hair; no more the lovely ladies in the hotel coffee shop; no more long talks with childhood friends.

But there will always be long talks with my husband; chats with our son;nights spent listening to both of them play music; and cats.  Because that’s my Missouri home



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