Posted by: marykfurness | June 14, 2013

Random Musings on Travel in England

I will fill in the blanks later, but here are some random musings on my travels thus far in England:

1) I should have trained for months on a treadmill for the incredible amount of walking I have done inside of two weeks..

2) My clothing fits better due to the amount of walking I have done inside of two weeks.

3) The food here is freaking incredible! A lot of it is locally sourced, tomatoes really taste like tomatoes (instead of cardboard), and shopping at Sainsbury’s was a joy. Also, the takeaway sandwiches at M&S are yummy!

4) I can say, with perfect honesty, that I lived in London for 8 days.  Not just visited, but lived.  We lived in a rented flat, shopped locally (where the lady at the checkout recognized us and asked about one or the other when one of us didn’t show up!), took the train, bus, or Tube everywhere, and met up with friends and/or a family member for activities.  I nearly had a work assignment from home to do, but for that story, you must buy me a drink…..

5) Never leave the States without a Smartphone.  I thought I’d be OK with a local Pay-As-You-Go and my Netbook, but in London, for up-to-date train schedules, and quick texting nothing beats a Smartphone.  Our plan seemed too expensive, but I really miss using my Smartphone. A “stupid phone” doesn’t cut it…just sayin’

6) A good WiFi signal is worth its weight in gold. Or pounds sterling.  It truly does suck to have to pay by the hour for WiFi, however, which happens on trains.  I adore this B&B where we are staying right now in Northumberland, but to get a decent signal, I must sit next to *this* door on *this* side of the room….

7) I haven’t yet had a bad meal….or a bad beer.  Or a bad glass of wine.  May I recommend the Black Bull Pub in Haltwhistle, Northumberland? Cozy, comfy, families and dogs welcome. Not kidding…

8) About 95% of the people we’ve met have been incredibly courteous.

9) If you don’t enjoy history, fun and funky shops, entertainment, animals, or good food, then you’d best wander  off somewhere else.

10) There are a lot of very, very, very old things here. Old buildings, old houses, old walls, old forts.  But there are new things too….some blended together well, some not so much.

More later, perhaps even pictures; but tomorrow, onward to the north, and Edinburgh..


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